Pacrol s.r.l.

Castelul Peles

About us

PACROL srl was founded to provide integrated legal services to persons interested. The main principle that our company advisers adhere to when entrusted with projects by the clients is to prevent uncertain situations that may lead to conflicts and those that can cause prejudices.

It is a company with a distinct profile in the national legal arena. The company employs Lawyers with a considerable experience in business law, including litigation proceedings and in front of administrative authorities.

Contrary to the trend that exists in the Republic of Moldova legal services market - that changed law companies in true "supermarkets" - PACROL srl relies and will rely on specialization and a high-level professional services.

Our goals:
What differentiates us from other companies of legal assistance:

PACROL srl turnover has grown every month during its activity, and despite the economical crisis we achieved the best results.
For us the quality means to avoid repetitive responses and mechanical approaches to customer requests. What we offer is not simply legal assistance, but solutions to our clients' problems.

Personalised Services:
PACROL srl understands that every customer is different, having its own objectives and method of business organization.

Pro-active attitude:
In light of the principle, prevention is the best protection. We want to protect customers from legal problems, which is more efficient than intervening to remedy a problem already occurred. We are always striving to bring added value to our customers and not to operate as a common service provider.

We believe that legal services should be integrated early in business and commercial customers' activity. This way we can ensure maximum efficiency and profitability to the customers' business and economic operations.

In the event of disputes, our advisors treat the cases with maximum care, establishing from the beginning and in mutual agreement with customers a powerful strategy for achieving the objectives laid.

We believe in a close company-customer relationship, based on trust and mutual professional respect. Thus, in addition to legal services that PACROL srl offers, we treat customers with the highest attention.

This treatment consists of:

  • Frequent meetings with customers during the completion of a project or a solution to a present case
  • Regular submission of progress reports, based on the agreement with the customer, or after each pay period
  • For customers who have a permanent relationship with us we continually analyse their legal and economic situation in order to make proposals for optimization