Legal Services

Business Consultancy

If you are starting a business or reorganising the company, if you complete transactions worth millions of dollars and invest business partners' money, you should know, regardless of what position you act as - director, creditor, shareholder – when you do not have to surrender and to what you can renounce. You should keep relations with the capital market, with people and to keep abreast with the latest information. It is about power and degree of determination. You cannot enter into a business in their absence. When you work with PACROL srl you benefit from our strength. Your objective is the value for the shareholder. We can help to build an effective structure to achieve your goal.
Our advisors work closely with customers to address issues related to transactions and restructuring, performance and technology, risk and compliance. Our team combine their knowledge and specialisation to provide objective advices that will help to maintain and add value.

We believe that any company, regardless of the complexity of its structure or the field of activity, is facing three major challenges: development, governance and performance. Our strength has always derived from leading experts that we benefit of. We added a multidisciplinary approach to their professionalism. Instead of a single specialisation, we encouraged an integral approach from all other areas in order to look at each engagement with a broader perspective and commercial view. We achieved this through the cross correlation of our services. Nothing is considered in isolation, but in terms of contribution of each activity to the overall development of the company, which means that PACROL srl customers get a comprehensive picture of their organisation and not a fragmented one. We always try to understand the activity and your business, and address those issues that are truly essential to the smooth running of the company.

Fiscal assistance

Currently the taxes have increasingly become an important issue for companies. Organisations of all sizes are more exposed to new changes in tax matters, not only locally but also globally. Through a unified global approach that takes into account your company's development initiatives, we can provide value added services. Through our experience in taxation, as well as skills and solid knowledge in each industry, we will help you keep you competitive and to meet obligations reporting under the Legislation.
PACROL srl offers a range of tax services that are designed to provide customers an efficient management of taxes and charges. Given that the current economic situation presents many challenges, your business deserves high quality tax advice. PACROL srl is committed to deliver this.

Specialised services in management consulting division are focused on the way that our customers intend to conduct their business in a business environment, of regulation and management that is rapidly evolving.
Our business model provides an integrated solution through the use of methodologies and tools applied consistently and delivered by our experienced practitioners in the field. We assist our clients by focusing on business areas which concern not only short term benefits but long-term cumulative value.

The technology supporting business models and processes is fundamental to any business - our pragmatic approach covers both the benefits of software solutions and network economy.

Corporate Law, Commercial Law

PACROL srl offers a wide range of services for corporate and commercial law. In this respect, we can offer, but not limited to, the following legal services:
  • The establishment of companies in the Republic of Moldova
  • Commercial Company Restructuring - resident legal entities existing
  • Drafting, negotiating, assisting the client at the signing and to further modification the domestic and international commercial contracts such as:
  • Sale-purchase contracts, including contracts made in the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG 1980) and with the rules of INCOTERMS 2000 of International Chamber of Commerce ICC Paris
  • Lease contracts
  • Enterprise contracts including contracts for projects "at key" in the construction of residential buildings, office and industrial buildings, production lines and power plants
  • Loan credit
  • Mortgage, deposit and real estate pledge contracts
  • Assignment contracts
  • Term contracts
  • Advertising Contracts
  • Leasing contract
  • Sponsorships contracts
  • Joint-venture contracts
  • Franchising contracts
  • Agency Contracts
  • Distribution Contracts
  • Insurance Contracts
  • Marketing contracts

  • Drafting, negotiating, assisting the client at the signing and to further modification complex domestic and international commercial transactions concluded to:
  • Real estate projects development
  • Development of industrial projects especially in energy and oil field
  • Amicable conclusion of large-scale litigation
  • Follow procedures for public auctions organised by the Republic of Moldova and preparation, together with the clients, the records of participation in these auctions
  • For commercial companies resident legal persons - permanent advice on their economic activity
  • Assisting clients in all stages of internal and international mediation

  • Civil and Real Estate Law

    The adviser of PACROL srl can assist with Civil and Real Estate Law matters in the following legal operations:
    • Drafting, negotiating, assisting the client to signing and further modification of civil contracts such as:

    • o Contracts of sale of real estate and movables property, including assisting clients in the purchase of land for large projects in residential, office and industrial buildings
    • Bank credit contracts for land acquisition or construction of buildings
    • Mortgage, deposit and pledge contracts
    • Donation Contracts
    • Term contracts
    • Tenancy contracts including leases of the dwelling contracts
    • Lease contracts
    • Loan contracts including loan contracts
    • Contracts of deposit
    • Annuity contracts and maintenance contracts

    • Drafting of wills
    • Assistance for debate drafting inheritance in notary succession proceedings or in Court
    • The establishment of associations and foundations in the Republic of Moldova
    • Restructuring associations and foundations, resident corporate body
    • Assist customers in all stages of internal and international mediation

    Banking, Finance and Insurance Law

    PACROL srl adviser offer legal advices in the field of banking, finance and insurance Law, as follows:

    • Assistance in negotiating and contracting bank loans for investment in real estate development projects
    • Assisting in the issuance, modification, execution and suppression of bank guarantees
    • Assistance in negotiating and contracting of insurance for various investment projects
    • Consulting on general issues of taxation and financial Law
    • Optimization of tax solutions

    Labour Law

    The legal services provided by PACROL srl adviser in the field of labour law, include the following:

    • Drafting, negotiating, assisting the client in signing and further modification of the contracts in the labour law as:

    • Individual employment contracts
    • Collective employment contracts
    • Management Contracts
    • Civil Convention
    • Service contracts
    • PACROL srl Advisors can assist foreigners to obtain residence permit and work permit in the Republic of Moldova. In this regard, we offer complete assistance and representation before all competent authorities in the country.

      Litigation in the courts of common law:
      PACROL srl advisors working with lawyers specialized in various fields and provide legal assistance and representation in litigations settled by competent courts at all levels (judges, Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court) in fields such as:
    • Corporate and Commercial Law
    • Civil Law
    • Family Law
    • Business Law

    Services of Business Delegated Administration

    Investments in new markets or expanding business in the same market can create, in addition to the inherent benefits a number of organisational problems. These commercial activities require, in addition to a well established business, a practical knowledge of the market it enters and the law and the authorities which govern it.

    Recognising these needs, and coming to meet them, PACROL srl offers to its clients the Services of Business Delegated Administration. These management services vary depending on the activity which is administered:

    • Delegated Administration Services of companies.
    • Delegated Administration Services of assets of such individuals or other entities
    Delegated administration services of companies

    For investors with international experience it is of undeniable importance the legal advice services in the company's activities. Sometimes, however, it is required a direct involvement of lawyers in the managing companies' business. Advisers involvement in the company's management brings several clear advantages, including: permanent specialised expertise, security and trust conferred by a third party involvement in company's activities and associates overseeing, privacy, etc..

    Delegated Administration Services of Business are available to our customers under a paid term contract, which details the powers and mandate duties given by the customer. Delegated administration services of companies cover a wide range of services; our customers have the ability to choose services that are strictly necessary, thus limiting the powers of legal advisers.

    Delegated administration services for companies include the following:

    • Assistance and representation before state and local authorities
    • Assistance and representation before the suppliers and customers:

    • Analysis of existing contracts to determine whether and what actions are necessary to be taken when contracting delegated administration services, considering the existent company.
    • Participation, assistance and representation of clients in their business meeting.
    • Negotiate customers contracts and signing them on behalf of clients.
    • Follow proper performance of contracts in order to prevent conflict situations and take early actions.

    • Always check the status of payments and receipts:

    • Verification of amounts due from customers and third party payment deadlines.
    • Signing on behalf of a client account of payments due from it by third parties and client representation in its relations with the banks that it has accounts open with.
    • Verification of amounts due from third parties to the customer and payment deadlines.

    • Conduct correspondence on behalf and on the account of the client and its prior approval.

    The delegated administration services contracting company clients receive a weekly progress report which details all activities developed by our advisors in these services.

    Delegated Administration Services of assets of such individuals or other entities

    After passing the different actions for the recovery of real estate or other assets or further discussion of inheritance, such individuals or other entities can acquire valuable property. PACROL srl advisers can provide to such customers this asset administration services. These services are conformed to customers who are not resident in the Republic of Moldova and require close supervision of their properties. Through these services our advisers meet the following activities:

    • Check the validity of property titles or documents certifying the rights of the client on assets managed in order to ensure reservation of these rights
    • Ensure capitalization of assets managed by the conclusion of lease contracts, services, etc. on these goods
    • Ensure better use of property by third parties and payment, where it is charged, the amounts due by these third parties to use the goods in question
    • Ensure payment of all liabilities on the managed property
    • On the base of special mandate given by the client, PACROL srl advisers, sell assets managed and / or buy other goods and on behalf of new client

    Search and evaluation services for partners and consultants

    PACROL srl provides within fiduciary services, evaluation and search services of business partners. By these services we evaluate, together with the customers, their requirements and needs in relation to potential business partners. Thus:

    • We evaluate business that customers plan to perform
    • We use experience and professional contacts that we have to draw up a list of possible business partners to our customers
    • We present to our clients the list of potential partners with their professional profiles to choice by customers' potential partners that want to get in contact
    • We organize business meetings between our clients and identified potential partners with customers
    • We assist clients in negotiations with potential partners and draw up legal documents necessary realization of collaborative relationships by agreement between our customers and identified partners.

    If our customers have already found partners who are interested to enter into trade relations, we can offer customer service to check the financial stability, business experience and technological capacities of identified partners.
    With a network of partners providing specialized business advisory services, we can provide to our customers a contact with a number of tax and financial adviser, environmental adviser and advisers on immigration issues.

    Location or relocation services of business

    Continuous change and adaptation is the key to business development. Understanding these needs PACROL srl provides its clients specialised analysis services for locating or relocating their business. In presenting found solutions our advisers will take in account geographical location, proximity to main communication ways, availability of utilities, availability and workforce and remuneration levels in the area, etc.

    Insurance services

    PACROL srl can provide the best insurance prices. You will not regret it, if you ask for:

    • Life Insurance
    • Medical expenses insurance of people who go abroad
    • Compulsory auto insurance
    • Insurance from accidents
    • Green Card
    • Casco
    • Property and real estate insurance
    • Ensuring cargo during transportation.
    For each client, PACROL srl will find the best solution for insurance at attractive price.