Pacrol s.r.l.



PACROL srl applies a flexible and negotiable fees policy because we consider that these should reflect both the size and difficulty of the project or client case and work volume, time and knowledge used by PACROL srl advisers in solving and completing project or that case.

In this respect, PACROL srl offers to its customers three different ways of payment of legal services:

  • The fee for the project consists of a lump sum
  • Fee per hour
  • Fee based on monthly subscription which includes a number of hours of legal services approved by customer

Manner of payment of subscription type

a) low prices compared to the price for each legal service
b) is paid monthly, so you can plan your expenses
c) the expenses services are deductible in accounting
d) the availability, promptness in solving all problems
e) ensuring the legal prevention in execution of commercial transactions to avoid possible situations of conflict and even litigations

a) there is the possibility (very small) to have no legal effect in that month
b) can be relatively difficult to allocate some resources for legal matters